Face Fixing For Trellis & Slatted Panels

Step By Step Installation Guide

As long as your wall is in good condition and is double brick thickness, it is possible to install trellis panels directly on top of brick walls using our Studded 70mm x 70mm Posts.

As a general rule, we don’t recommend fitting panels over 900mm high using this method and in all cases the wall needs to be suitably sound and strong. It is also important that you purchase your posts one increment bigger than the height of your panel. For example, a 900mm (3ft) high panel would need a 1200mm (4 ft) studded post. This also allows for any variations in the wall level.

Our slatted fencingstandard trellis or arched top trellis panels look particularly attractive when installed using this method.

Step 1

Asses how level the wall is. You may require packers to level the posts.

Step 2

Drill a hole to accept the plug. Use the appropriate drill bit for the fixing you are using. Avoid fixing into the top course of bricks.

(Side view)

Wall fixing trellis

Step 3

Fix the posts using your chosen fixings.

(Side view)

Add posts

Step 4

Fix the panel which will give the line and position of subsequent panels.

(Side view)

Fix panel

Step 5

Repeat steps 2-4.


Step 6

Screw panels into posts:

?Through the frame into the side of the post.

Top fixing

Ensure the top of each panel is level.

?Through the gap between slats (if possible), or directly through the horizontal slat. Slatted panels fix onto the FACE of the posts.

Slatted fixing

Ensure the top of each panel is level.
?Additional panels meet over the centre of the post, with the first and last sitting flush at the ends.

Step 7

If installing top capping:

?Align with front edge of post and screw down into the top of the frame.

(View from above)

Trellis from above afixed to wall

?Align with front slat of panel and screw down into top of posts and centre vertical (if possible).

(View from above)

Slatted from above fixed to wall


PDF Download the Guide - face fixing for brick walls (4.65 MB)



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