Bespoke or ready-made?

Joinery for any budget

Some customers like the distinctive look and tailored options available from our bespoke joinery solutions while others appreciate the possibilities afforded by the ready-made range in our online store, especially when working to a budget.

If you are unsure which you would prefer, we are happy to provide a quote for both; all we need is an initial outline from you of your requirements and measurements. Please call one of our advisors on 01255 688361.


Typically, the product cost of bespoke joinery will be 3 to 4 times greater than the equivalent ready-made range as the product is of a different construction and is available in a wider range of materials, styles and finishes, made only to order and made precisely to fit your specific outdoor living space. Like a bespoke suit, it is tailored to you!

The bespoke service includes a dedicated project manager to look after your requirements, a site visit to prepare your design and 3D CAD drawings for your projects.

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Beau Treillage Fencing


Our ready-made products are only available in standard sizes and prices. If you wish to have a product to fit your exact garden space or something more unique, please contact us about our bespoke service.

Our ready-made range is popular with many tradespeople as well as the garden DIY enthusiasts, with the added benefit that it is available in high quality paint or stain finishes and a variety of natural timbers.

With a wide range of products available to order online or by phone our ready-made joinery typically has shorter lead times.

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Solid Fence Panels

You can compare our bespoke and ready-made joinery service, specifications, timber and colour options through our comparison chart below.

Bespoke & Ready-Made Comparison

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