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Putting back more than we take.

Here at the Garden Trellis Co, we want to make outdoor spaces beautiful and to be enjoyed for years to come. We believe that using trellis and our other plant supports in your garden to encourage vertical growth is a great way to be greener. We are also proud to buy our timber from the most sustainable sources we can find (read more here) and we have a clever heating system in our workshop that is powered by our sawdust and offcuts. This is all very positive but when we celebrated our30th anniversary, we decided that it was time to do more.

We want to put back more than we take and ensure that there is plenty of timber in the world for the future. We have therefore committed to plant one tree for every order that is placed across our online shop and our bespoke service.

We are doing this with the help of Ecologi, a platform for real climate action. Ecologi facilitate the funding of carbon offset projects and tree planting around the world. Their mission is to reduce 50% of global CO2 emissions by 2040 and responsibly plant billions of trees every year. 

How it works

With Ecologi we've already started planting trees and the number planted are represented in our virtual forest. Then each month we purchase one tree for every order that we receive. We also look for further ways to add them from time to time.

You can visit our profile at to see how the virtual forest is growing. By clicking on the saplings in the forest you can see where the real trees have been planted and find out more about the various projects around the world that Ecologi fund.

Why one tree per order? We definately don't use a whole tree's worth of timber for every order, but not every sapling will survive. We hope that by pledging to plant one tree per order the net impact will be that we are replacing more trees than we use.

Learn more about Ecologi

Find out more about the trees that Ecologi plant and why responsible reforestation is so important in tackling climate change >

Want to help us do more?

Like what you see? Then perhaps you might like to join in! In addition to the tree that we plant for your order, we would love it if you wanted to buy some trees for our virtual forest. This might be to offset the rest of your garden project, or just to help us make a difference. It's really easy to do and would mean the world to us. 

You might even like to sign up to Ecologi. This would earn us both the coveted 'sparkly trees'. 

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We plant trees with Ecologi

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