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Product Information

Trellis Panels

Can the trellis panels be cut down?

Yes. Anyone with good DIY experience would be able to easily cut the panels down to the required size, or you can opt to use our cutting service for a professional finish.

Do the slats line up if different panels are placed next to each other?

It depends on the type and size of the panels you are trying to place next to each other. The slats on the square panels may not line up if the panels are different sizes.

This isn’t applicable with the diagonal-slatted panels.

How big are the trellis squares?

Our trellis panels have various opening sizes.  All these can be found in the description of your selected style.

What is the framing size?

The timber used for the framing on most the standard panels is 30mm x 35mm (1 3/16 inch x 1 3/8 inch) with the exception of the 1800mm x 1800mm (70 7/8 inches x 70 7/8 inches) panels which have a 45mm x 35mm (1¾ inch x1¾ inch approx) frame.  Our Prestige panels have a framing of 45mm x 34mm (1¾ inch x1¾ inch approx) 

What is the slat size?

The wood used as slats in our trellis panels is 20mm x 9mm (¾ inch x 23/64 inch) with rounded corners. The prestige range uses square edged slats measuring 32mm x 12mm.

Can the panels be used in a landscape orientation as well as portrait?

Although our panels are listed as being 1800mm wide (70 7/8 inches), there is no reason why you can’t turn the panels to have, for example a panel that is 1800mm (70 7/8 inches) high x 1200mm (47 ¼ inches) wide. But, please do bear in mind that if you are going to mix the orientation the slats may not line up.  Our prestige range has drainage holes in the frame so please let us know if you are planning on turning them so we can ensure they are on the correct edge.

Is there a right and wrong side to the trellis panels?

The only difference is that you can see the staples on the reverse of the panels.

Slatted Fence Panels

What is the slat size?

The wood used as slats in our slatted fence panels is 30mm x 14mm (¾ inch x 1/8 inch) or 45mm x 14mm (1 ¾ x 1/8 inch)

Why do you only provide three sizes of slatted panel?

The design of these panels allows you to add panels to create the height you require, without compromising the appearance. You can also cut the slatted panels to size or use our cutting service for a professional finish.

Slat alignment

Although every effort is made to line up the slats from panel to panel, variation can occur due to natural timber movement.


What are post caps?

Post caps are pieces of timber that are placed on the top of fence posts to finish the overall look and to protect the end grain of the posts.

What is top capping?

Top capping is a continuous piece of timber to cover the posts and panels.

Do I need top capping/post caps?

Post caps and top capping are optional extras, although we do recommend you use either top capping or post caps to protect the end grain of the posts

Do I need the "70mm x 70mm” or the "90mm x 90mm” posts?

This is personal choice although, as a general rule, we would only recommend the 90mm posts for gates.

For your reference, 70mm x 70mm is equivalent to approx 2¾ inches x 2¾ inches. 90mm x 90mm is equivalent to approx 3 ½ inches x 3 ½inches.

How long do my posts need to be?

It depends on how you are installing them. For example, if they are going into the ground you will need to add a minimum of 600mm (approx 2 ft). If you are using them with the studding into the top of a wall you will need to go one increment bigger than the panel height. For instance, a 900mm (approx 35 inches) high panel will need a post of 1200mm (47 ¼ inches).

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Are your products available in a choice of different timbers?

Yes – our standard range is used made using environmentally friendly treated softwood, but our Prestige range is available in a choice or Iroko, Western Red Cedar or Radiata Pine.

Where can I see your products?

We do not have a showroom or any third party distributors. However, you are welcome to visit our warehouse by appointment. You can make an appointment by calling us on 01255 688361.

Do you offer an installation or design service?

Unfortunately we do not offer a design service for online purchases, however we do offer installation in certain areas, please call 01255 688361 for further information.

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Painting Service

Can we have items painted to a colour of our choice?

The Garden Trellis Company range of standard products are available in the colours listed on our website (the palette shown with each product), a bespoke colour service is available at an extra cost, please call 01255 688361 or email your full requirements to obtain an estiamte.

What type of paint does The Garden Trellis Company use?

The paint system we use is an extremely durable, water-based, satin paint that resists peeling and flaking.

Can I purchase additional paint?

Yes, there is a section on the website where paint and primer can be purchased.

How long will the paint last?

It can last up to 6 years, although this depends how exposed the products are to the elements.

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What are your delivery rates?

Our rates are dependent on the order value and where in the UK mainland the order is being shipped to. For further details please see our delivery page.

Are all options kept in stock?

Natural products

We endeavour to hold stock of all items. However, during our peak season (March – September) we can experience high demand on certain sizes of panels. This can result in longer delivery times

Painted products

We hand finish all our painted products to order in the paint colour of your choice from our colour palette. Painted products take longer to process than the natural items. We do still aim to deliver within 5 weeks.

Do I have to be in to accept delivery?

We are happy to leave your delivery in a safe place with your authorisation.

How soon after ordering will I receive a delivery date?

We aim to deliver all orders within 1- 8 weeks of the order being placed, depending on the range and finish you are purchasing. We use an automated text and email service to provide you with regular updates about your delivery.

Will you give me a delivery time?

This will depend on where you live.  For orders delivered by our own fleet of vans, we provide regular text and email updates as our vehicles have tracking devices.  However, some orders are delivered by external courier services who are unable to provide delivery times.


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