Product Style Guides

& Technical data

Use the illustrations to help choose the style of panel that most suits your garden or outdoor space.  

Whether you wish to use a close mesh trellis(H/V38) to hide a unsightly view, a slatted panel (45/10) to  gain some privacy or use a more open trellis style(H/V68) to grow plants up, the many styles of panels we manufacture will offer you the perfect solution.

 GTC Bespoke Contemporary Slatted & Classic Trellis Style Guide

Technical Data

Here you can download technical data on timber and paint.

Timber Information

Garden Trellis Timber Information Sheet (PDF)

Guide outlining the properties of the timber that we use in our garden joinery.

Trada Wood Information Sheet (PDF)


Paint Information

Paint Technical Data Sheet (PDF)
Liquid Coatings on Wood Finishes Technical Data Sheet

Paint Technical Data Sheet - White (PDF)

Liquid Coatings on Wood Finishes Technical Data Sheet - White

Protext Water Based Saturator (PDF)

Data sheet

Sadolin Classic Wood Protection (PDF)
Data sheet

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