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Our in house professional painting service means all our products are prepared in an indoor paint shop with enclosed spray booths and temperature and humidity controlled drying rooms. This allows the painted joinery to be prepared in the best possible conditions, ensuring the most attractive and durable finish.

All our painted joinery uses our specially formulated exterior paint system. The items that are to be painted get checked to make sure the timber is dry and that they are free from dust before a special exterior primer/undercoat is applied.  Once the primer coat has fully dried, the products are top coated with two layers of your chosen paint colour.

Let us take you through the step by step process of our professional painting service:

Firstly, the panels are sanded to clean up the timber and help deal with any small imperfections. This process is carried out by hand and allows us to carefully check each product while also providing a key to the surface for better adhesion of the priming coat.

Sanding timber

The products are then primed to seal the wood.


The primed panels are then put into the drying room for between 4 - 48 hours before the top coat is applied.


The panels are then given two layers of top coat in your choice of colour.


The painted panels are then put into our temperature and humidity monitored drying room and left to dry for a minimum of 48 hours.



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