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At The Garden Trellis Company we have a combined joinery knowledge and experience of over 100 years! Our craftsmen are dedicated, skilled and passionate about their work and enjoy creating products that make our customers happy.

Features of our custom joinery service & precision engineering in timber

  • Combining the best of traditional and modern woodworking techniques from dovetail joints to CNC wood cutting.
  • Access to large stocks of sustainable timbers and other FSC materials.
  • Large scale projects are easily catered for in our 30,000sq foot purpose built workshops.
  • The ability and expertise to work with mixed materials, for example metal and glass.
  • Specialists in curved timbers and laminating.
  • Paint, stain and other finishes available i.e. limed woods or burnt and distressed finishes.
  • Spray shops complete with temperature and humidity controlled drying rooms.
  • Only superior fixings and fixtures used.
  • Experienced installation teams.
  • Dedicated and efficient delivery service.
  • Guarantees

The benefits of factory made over site construction

We prepare all our bespoke panels and features in the factory environment and deliver products to site ready to install. The factory preparation means our joinery products are stronger, have a higher quality finish and are easier and quicker to install than preparing everything on site.

  • All processes are carried out in a controlled environment which reduces timber movement.
  • Our factory is equipped with a huge range of wood working machines for precision results.
  • Products are manufactured using techniques that cannot be used on site.
  • Painted products have a much higher quality finish when produced in factory conditions.
  • Machine sanded finish for all natural panels.
  • End grain protected.
  • Mitred framing and chamfered edges.
  • Goods can be pre-assembled before going to site.
  • Panels are removeable for access or maintenance and easily put back up.
  • Less time needed on site where many factors can be out of your control.
  • Guarantees.

An example using a slatted panel scenario

A run of slatted fencing that is made by The Garden Trellis Company, individual fully framed panels with a top capping over the entire length, will offer a much stronger, more professional finish. The panels will line up and are far less likely to twist and warp. This option is quicker and easier to install and the panels and posts can be pre-painted.

Timber pinned on at site offers a quick fix but will have unsightly fixings on the face, and in the longer term there will be problems with twisting and warping. This option is a lot more time consuming to paint or stain and doesn’t offer strength and durability.  It's  also a more permanent option and doesn't allow you the flexibility to gain access behind easily.

The factory made panel provides you with a more durable, stable and low maintenance product. The overall effect is a clean, crisp contemporary look.


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