Bringing a French treillage look to a contemporary garden


In this case study, our Project Manager Naomi tells us about a recent bespoke trellis scheme in North London. The total lead time for the project was 5 weeks including installation.


What were the joinery products/features in the work? 

Diagonal and horizontal bespoke designed trellis with 20mm mini slats, decorative panels made from Tricoya, four-sided box columns with trellis on each side and posts in all corners with bespoke architrave detail.

Please describe the client’s total project, as best you can: 

This was a complete property refurbishment including landscaping of the garden. The client was very particular and wanted a fine, decorative look to the trellis. 

What were the challenges for the joinery work, whether design, build or installation? 

Following a site visit to gain all the details of the brief, the next big challenge was to get the drawing accurate for the CNC machinist. We have done circular details before, but individual circles take our joiners a long time to connect and pin into the frames (there are about 300 little 45mm circles in the arches). The arches were being made in a single piece as oppose to pinning each individual circle so it was important clear instructions were given to our workshop. Getting the drawing right for the CNC machine to register what cutouts were needed was difficult, but the outcome was successful.

What features of the project are particularly noteworthy and why?

It’s a very ornate and eye-catching scheme. Box columns are always impressive because they deliver grandeur while maintaining the airy, open feel of trellis.

Overall how would you describe the outcome of the project? 

This is an ornate and commanding scheme that brings elements of traditional French treillage into a contemporary garden in London. I’m really pleased with the end result.
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