Picket fencing for decorative garden borders


Picket fencing is a simple and traditional solution to decoratively outline the borders of a garden, mark out boundaries and protect features such as ponds and swimming pools without blocking the view. When used as a garden border, picket fencing is an attractive feature offering a low level of security. Combine with our matching gates to provide easy access to the garden or premises. With a choice of either pointed or round top picket fence designs and 10 paint colours we’re sure whatever your garden style, there is a fence to match.

Traditional Picket Fencing

If you are looking for a classic style, then our picket fencing is an ideal choice. Available in either a round or pointed top, they are perfect for marking our boundaries whilst still allowing light to pass through. The fencing can be left as natural wood or painted with one of our traditional ready-made colours such as Orford Cream or Stone. Consider adding planters periodically or lining the fence with flowerbeds and foliage for colour and style.


A Contemporary Approach

A contemporary feel can be achieved when using picket panels by painting them in one of our carefully selected colours. A classic style picket fence can become a statement simply by changing the colour to our popular Manhattan Grey or Black.  If you’re looking for something a little bit different, our Cross-Top Fence Panels or Concave Pointed Top Picket Fence Panels provide a distinctive take on this classic fencing. 

Other Uses

Picket fencing can also be used as a garden partition, to define areas or as an ornamental protection around a vegetable or herb garden. Picket fencing is also widely used in parks and playgrounds to create a secure enclosure without blocking the view. 

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