Step By Step Installation Guide

Step 1

Use a string to provide a guide for the position of the posts.

Mark out & dig the holes for the slimline metal posts. We recommend a hole 200mm circumference by 600mm depth.

Step 2 

Insert post. Use spirit level to ensure it is level in both directions & correctly positioned against the string line. Posts need to be set at the correct width.

Step 3

Fill the hole with post mix (use manufacturer's instructions). Adjust post into position and support until post mix sets.

Step 4

Please check that tops of each post are at a uniform height, unless there is a change in heights required.

Step 5

Repeat steps 2-4 as needed. Use a spirit level to check each post is at correct height for panels.

Step 6

Screw panels into posts:



**Fixing strips required**

Screw fixing strips to the back edge of the posts from behind,

Screw panels into fixing strip from the front using 4.5mm x 50mm steel screws (minimum of 3 per side)

Ensure the top of each panel is level.


End strips of timber can be purchased to finish off the scheme

PDF Download the Guide - Fixing Metal Slimline Posts Into Ground  (359KB)



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