Fence Panels Using Posts

Step By Step Installation Guide

The panels are simply screwed to the posts, taking care to ensure the top of each panel is level.

Create additional height with trellis and slatted panels. Trellis panels can be added to the top of the solid panels by using posts long enough to accommodate the height of both the fence and trellis panels and screwing both of them to the posts as normal. Trellis panels add a decorative top to solid fences while providing a more open and light increase in height.

Post caps can then be attached to the top of each fence post. This will serve to protect the end grain and provide a decorative touch, especially when used in conjunction with our acorn finial or ball finial.

Step 1

Use a string line to provide a guide for the position of the posts. Mark out and dig holes for the posts. For our 90mm x 90mm posts we recommend a hole 200mm circumference by 600mm depth.

(Side view)

Step 1 side view

Step 2

Insert post. Use spirit level to ensure it is level in both directions and correctly positioned against the string line. Posts need to be set at the correct width.

(View from above)

Top view post holes

Step 3

Fill the hole with post mix (use manufacturer’s instructions). Adjust post into position and support until post mix sets.

(Side view)

Post holes side

Step 4

Please check that tops of each post are at a uniform height, unless there is a change in heights required.

Step 5

Repeat steps 2-4 as needed. Use spirit level to check each post is at correct height for panels.

(View from above)

Top view

Step 6

Screw panels into posts through the frame using 4.5mm x 70mm stainless steel screws for our solid panels and 4.5mm x 100mm for our heavy duty panels (minimum 3 per side into the side of the post) ensuring the top of each panel is level.

(Side view)

Top fixings


(View from above)

View from above of fence panels

Step 7

If installing top capping, align with the front edge of the post and screw down through the capping into the top of the frame using 4.5mm/5mm x 100mm stainless steel screws (can be plugged and filled after if preferred).


Download the Guide - Fence Panels using Posts in Ground (0.5 MB)


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