Winter Projects


With plants and shrubs beginning to die back during the cold winter months, it is the perfect time to undertake some large-scale projects such as fence building, with minimum disruption to the growth of plants.  Our Avenue Panels provide the perfect privacy fencing helping you to create a safe and secure outdoor space, something that is particularly important small children or pets.  Contemporary Slatted Panels can be used to add a little extra height to already existing walls, creating a sense of privacy but without being imposing; something that is particularly effective for smaller gardens in urban areas.   As with the majority of our products these fencing solutions are available in a variety of natural timbers as well as a wide selection of paint colours, and if there is a specific colour you have in mind our colour matching service can help you get the perfect shade.

Avenue & Trellis IMG_0234 Kalborg 1a PSW slatted panels  - Mat Bell

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