Trompe L'Oeil


Decorative panels are the perfect way to add a little extra personal style to an outdoor space.  Our Trompe L’Oeil Panels (French for ‘deceive the eye’) are a simple yet effective way to add interest and the illusion of space even in the smallest area.  These panels are designed in such a way that the angle of the slats draw the eye towards the centre, and so create the seeming appearance of depth despite being a flat surface.  This can be further enhanced by the addition of a mirror at the centre of the panel which helps add to the illusion, especially in a small area.  They can be used as a stand-alone panel or in a run of panels, or combined with Arches and Planters to create a more dramatic feature.   Whether you are using the panel as a focal point itself or else as a backdrop, it will not fail to draw the eye.  As with most of our products the Trompe L’Oeil Panels are available in a selection of different timbers and finishes, whether it is one of our bespoke paint colours, or a stain finish.

Barrow Green Court (1) Trompe 4 Trompe and trellis painted

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