top 5 reasons to add planters to your garden


Planters are a fantastic and useful addition in your garden. Not only are they affordable but they can instantly change the look of a garden area. They are also perfect for low maintenance gardens, however, there are also many other benefits to adding planters. Below, are our top 5 reasons to add planters to your garden:

1.      To add height to your garden

Planters can add height and drama to gardens by being planted with tree or shrubs. Below, our Square Versailles Planters have been planted with bay trees, the height lifts the observers’ eyes up towards the building architecture.

2.      To frame an entrance

Pairs or groups of planters can be aesthetically pleasing. By placing planters either side of a door or entrance you can create an inviting look. Below, planters have been placed in pairs either side of a door and also on the pavement, this draws customers from the pavement to the entrance of the bar.

3.      To plant where no one has planted before

When you’re in an urban location you often have to sacrifice having a garden. However, window planters provide the opportunity to plant right outside your window and are becoming an ever popular addition to city centre properties. By placing planters at your window you can see the changing seasons through your planting choice and almost bring the outside inside. They also dramatically increase your kerb appeal. Below matching window planters have been fitted to every window and are ready to plant.

4.      To add flashes of colour

Planters don’t just have to be natural wood or stained brown. Our ready-made range offers 11 paint and stain options, whilst our bespoke service allows for colour matching. Planters painted in bright tones can add a flash of colour to your garden even on the dullest winter day!

5.      To define or add additional screening to your garden

When planters are placed or built together they define and screen areas of your garden.  Seating areas can be defined with well placed rectangular planters. Groups or rws  of planters can be planted with taller plants and shrubs to provide additional screening to an area of your garden. Below, a restaurant has used bespoke curved planters to define their outdoor seating area for passers-by.

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