The Design Process Behind Our Popular Sheds


Sheds have become a popular fixture in most gardens and landscapes, with the opportunity to fulfil multiple design needs and purposes. Whether it be a perfect storage solution for your garden tools, bikes or an added aesthetic to your landscape, the garden shed is a classic garden feature.

Behind every successful shed creation is a detailed plan and design process, creating a robust structure which still maintains a stylish finish. The popular traditional and contemporary sheds for the Garden Trellis Company were designed by Simon Benton of Benton Designs, a designer with an armoury of 25 years experience within all aspects of design.

The process begins with sketching early ideas of structure designs, as Simon describes, the “visual representation of the thought process”. Once an overall route is established, the sketches are transferred into CAD drawings, providing a 3D perspective of how the sheds will be built. Within the development process, various software, research plans, specifications and prototypes are formed to ensure the final shed design is as functional and picturesque as possible.


The Traditional Painted Shed

Our traditional garden sheds are a result of this detailed design process, with research into Victorian architecture and wooden boarding techniques. These elements provide the shed with a rustic but contemporary finish, which Simon illustrates as a “timeless design and aesthetic”.  The pointed top provides glimpses of seaside building inspirations, whilst the shape and structure has been inspired by the classic film ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’. Alongside its attractive nature, the traditional shed will allow you the perfect place to store all your garden tools, electricals or leisure equipment. Optional shelves offer the flexibility for you to customise your storage and make it easily reachable and accessible. The shelves could be the perfect place to store garden tools like hand trowels, shovels and gloves. However, storage isn’t the only purpose, with plenty of space inside why not bring in a chair and use it as a place for a well-earned rest between garden jobs or activities. Available in a variety of paint colours online, your traditional shed can be painted to your taste, from Autumn Tide to Orford Cream.

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The Contemporary Shed

On the other hand, is the Contemporary shed, formed off the back of a slightly different design method. The contemporary focus originates from the inspiration of strong slatted fence panels, which play a key role in a “multi material approach” within Simon’s design. The contemporary shed offers the same benefits of our traditional shed but with a contemporary twist. To customize your contemporary shed you can incorporate a window or glazed door section to soak up some of the sunshine on a British summer’s day. This addition to your garden would not only solve various storage issues but create a modern look to enhance the garden’s appearance.

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Bike store

Alongside the sheds, bike stores have become just as apparent in garden landscapes and beneficial to users. Described by Simon as the “most challenging” design, the complex nature of the bike store makes it the most technical but also rewarding project in these garden structures. The perfect place for you to pack away your bike neatly and improve the design of your garden, the stores are designed impeccably with a mid-height build and hinge roof panel to increase the ease of access to your stored goods. The roof panel is built with custom frame steel brackets, accompanied with gas and spring to enable the opening and closing function. To make the most of this store, don’t forget to open the double front doors to get full access to your safely tucked away bikes.



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How to get the most out of your shed?

With all sheds on offer, there are various ways to get the most out of your shed and feel its benefits. Involved throughout the whole design and building process, Simon has key tips and ideas to make sure you make the most of your shed or garden store. The timeless design of the contemporary shed makes it something that will always be a success in gardens. Make the most of customising and our painted service to make your shed your own. Take advantage of the option to add a side window in the contemporary shed to increase the light coming in and enjoy the sunny weather. With the option to fully access the mid height store, don’t be afraid to fit as much as you can and make the most of a spacious store for bikes, logs, garden tools and much more.

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