Spring has Sprung: Organise your Garden with RHS Endorsed Outdoor Storage Solutions


As the buds start to bloom, it's evident that spring has finally arrived, and the list of garden spring cleaning tasks can begin. From clearing up fallen leaves, to cutting back plants, now is the perfect time to step outside and breathe new life into your garden after the winter slumber.

Before you dive into giving your garden a thorough tidy to create a fresh canvas for the season ahead, an effective way to tackle the big spring clean-up is by making the most of your outdoor storage and garden shed situation. These versatile structures not only provide ample space to store tools and equipment but also help streamline your gardening efforts.

Explore how incorporating our RHS endorsed garden sheds and stores can transform your outdoor space and make spring cleaning a breeze.

Protect Your Investments:

Gardening often involves purchasing costly tools and equipment. Protect your investments by storing them properly when not in use. This is also true for protecting outdoor furniture when it is not being used.  

Garden sheds provide a sheltered environment that shields your tools and furniture from the elements, preventing rust and deterioration. Additionally, storing outdoor equipment in a locked shed reduces the risk of theft or damage, giving you peace of mind year-round.

Our RHS Prestige Traditional Sheds and RHS Prestige Contemporary Sheds have a sturdy construction with a traditional 5 lever mortice lock to secure the door. Endorsed by the RHS, these posh sheds are ideal for providing extra storage space for garden tools, bicycles, garden furniture, BBQs or lawnmower, at the same time as protecting them. 

You can also look to store your bike in a dedicated bike shed. Our bike sheds comfortably on a patio or by a garage, perfect for keeping your bicycle secure and dry.   

Declutter and Organize:

Before you can unleash your green thumb, it's essential to declutter and organize your garden space. Begin by assessing your tools, pots, and garden supplies. Discard any broken or unused items, and neatly organize the essentials. Garden stores offer dedicated space to store everything from shovels and rakes to seed packets and fertilizers, ensuring that everything has its place.

Our RHS Prestige Traditional Garden Stores and RHS Prestige Contemporary Garden Stores provide an elegant and practical solution, offering ample space to safeguard and organise your gardening tools, in a style to suit your garden. These are smaller than our sheds, perfect for smaller gardens or hidden spots. 

Create Space for Potting and Maintenance:

A well-organized garden shed or store serves as more than just a secure storage space - it's also a functional workstation for potting and maintenance tasks. Set up a potting bench inside your shed where you can repot plants, start seedlings, and perform routine maintenance without cluttering your outdoor space. Having a designated area for these activities streamlines your gardening routine and encourages efficiency.

Our RHS Painted Wooden Shed, endorsed by the RHS, fits the bill for this! Perfect for gardens of all sizes, it is supplied flat packed with comprehensive instructions for installation onto a pre prepared concrete base, helping make it our most competitively priced shed.

Enhance Garden Aesthetics with Stylish Storage Solutions:

It’s not just your usual garden tools and equipment that can benefit from storage, concealing outdoor bins will really elevate the aesthetic appeal of your garden.

Our Slatted Bin Stores, endorsed by the RHS, offer a decorative way to conceal storage areas, blending seamlessly with your outdoor landscape, while maintaining functionality.

You can also look to store your logs in a dedicated log store. These simple yet stylish structures provide discreet storage for your logs while enhancing the visual appeal of your outdoor space.

Shop our range of bin and log stores here > 

As spring breathes new life into your garden, embrace the opportunity to revitalize your outdoor space with a thorough spring clean. Incorporating garden sheds and storage solutions into your gardening routine can streamline organization, protect your investments, and enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your garden. With a well-organized space at your disposal, you'll be ready to tackle any gardening task that comes your way, from planting flowers to enjoying leisurely afternoons amidst the beauty of nature. All products mentioned to help you achieve this are endorsed by the RHS, giving you the added reassurance that they are the very best products. You can find out more about our seal of approvement from the RHS here. 

So, why wait? Harness the power of garden sheds and storage solutions to embark on a spring cleaning journey that will transform your garden into a sanctuary of growth and beauty.

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