Small details that will make a big difference to your garden design


The smaller elements of a garden can really elevate its design – as the saying goes, the devil’s in the detail. 
Small finishing touches that compliment your garden can have a massive impact; consider fences, trellis panels, raised beds, planters, garden furniture, arches and arbours… the possibilities are endless. 
Experiment with the overall feel of your garden. Vibrant and unusual planting or ornaments can create a stunning focal point. Including painted garden joinery such as an obelisk or planter offers an expedient and colourful feature. Consider how adding colour to your scheme can provide depth and interest to your garden’s design. 
Outdoor lighting can take your garden from daytime to a striking evening space.  Cleverly positioned, it can be used to highlight your gardens superlative features. 
At the Garden Trellis Company, we have a fantastic range of fencing, trellis & contemporary slatted panels, planters, obelisks, arches, arbours and garden seating to enable you to fine-tune your garden. Our range of exterior paints and stains are available to buy for any home project, as well as a selection of posts, capping and finials to provide those final finishing touches. 

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