Secret Garden


By secret we mean private and secluded.  Our gardens are often an escape from the rest of the world so privacy is an important issue.  It can be difficult to get screening that is both attractive and expedient.  We have a number of solutions that will blend into any garden.  From our 'hit & miss' panels that give the contemporary feel of our slatted panels without being able to see through them, to our ply backed trellis panels, which enable you to have the elegance of a classic trellis whilst completely obscuring the view.  If you are looking to just partially camouflage what can be seen, then perhaps our HV8 trellis is the solution.  An extremely tight meshed trellis with a hole of just 8mm, allowing some light through whilst virtually impossible to see through.

If you require advice on any of our products then please contact us on 01255 688361 or [email protected] we are waiting for your call.

Chelsea obelisk

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