Our Guide to Trellis


Wooden trellis will enhance any garden with its traditional and decorative style, also providing privacy and security to your property.
Our trellis is available in a wide range of styles and gap sizes. All our panels are suitable as a fence or to add height to an existing fence or wall. Privacy trellis, with its close 20mm gap, offers the highest amount of seclusion and security and is perfect for blocking unsightly views. Our regular trellis with its 40mm gap is our most popular style, providing a decorative screen without completely obscuring the vista beyond. For growing plants choose our open trellis, the 70mm gap size between slats allows easy growing for climbers, and is the best choice if you want to see the panorama beyond. For a decorative finish to your scheme choose our corner arch or arched topped trellis. 
All our trellis panels are available in a variety of sizes and can be painted in one of our 10 paint and stain options. To ensure you order the correct colour, please order our colour sample pack containing all natural timber and paint colour options painted onto wooden slats. 
Watch our short video below to see our guide to choosing the right trellis for your garden design!

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