On Trend: Ornate Decorative Trellis


We are delighted to be seeing a big trend at the moment for ornate trellis designs.

The cause? We think the coronavirus pandemic has encouraged people to invest in making the spaces around them gorgeous while they have been spending more time at home. Many top garden designers have been striving to create lavish comfort for garden owners no matter the size of the project or the location.

Grand Designs

One of the bigger schemes that we worked on recently was with London Projects at the prestigious Wilbraham House in London. This project saw the creation of incredibly intricate joinery design, from striking illusion panels to complex arch design.

Below is a sneak peak of another exciting bespoke trellis project that we are working on. Our team have been busy in the workshop crafting huge ornate panels to transform the space, we can’t wait to share more of this incredible project when it is complete.

Smaller but spectacular

It isn’t just for large, formal gardens; beau treillage can transform smaller spaces too especially with courtyard spaces in older parts of cities and towns. The following examples also show how the decorative trellis panels add interest and light to a dark passageway, or smaller garden space:

The brilliant garden designers that we work with are clever with their inclusion of mirror backings to their trellis design, which can create more space and light to darker areas. The below bespoke mirrored panels are both from stunning urban gardens by Butter Wakefield and we love the juxtaposition of the diamond trellis with the circle detailing round the edge.

Our director Julian Furness has been working with our team of project managers on some of the larger projects and commented, “Creating decorative trellis is at the heart of what we have been doing for over a quarter of a century and it is great to see a resurgence in ornate garden designs featuring beau treillage. I’ve also noticed that many designers are favouring jewel-toned colour palates of emerald greens and teal which can really set the trellis off against a lighter coloured wall or a grey sky.”

Above: stunning pool end feature with bespoke diagonal and square trellis with columns and bespoke circle details as well as bespoke planters and a bench.

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Want to get the look for less at home? We have also been seeing many of our online shop customers choosing our traditional ready-made trellis over the previously incredibly popular slatted panels.

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