New Vista Decorative Screens


Introducing our stunning new range of Vista Decorative Screens. With various beautiful designs to choose from, they can either be used functionally, to give outdoor spaces privacy and protection or as a focal point, adding artistic flare to your garden.

The initial range features six designs which have been inspired by the views and silhouettes of gardens across the world, from traditional windows found in Arabic architecture to Japanese Waigara patterns and summer blooms in English gardens, guaranteed to draw the eye and transform your garden space. These designs also cast beautiful shadows to give motion and ever-changing light to liven up gardens, day and night.

The use of these amazing screens doesn’t have to be limited to outdoor spaces. They can be brought inside to create decorative dividers to break up indoor spaces or be wall mounted to bring the artistic designs to the forefront.

The Vista decorative screens are made with a durable wood plastic composite capable of withstanding the unpredictable UK weather. It can also be cut to size, drilled, and screwed without compromising the panel strength creating a truly customisable panel that will stand the test of time even if you want to adjust the size or change where it is displayed. Our cut down service is available across all products.

These versatile new decorative screens will also be used in our workshop for bespoke projects. We are looking forward to using these decorative screens in a variety of unique bespoke designs. They can be framed or incorporated into garden gates, pergolas and larger beau treillage projects. Get in touch to discuss your ideas.

All design options of the Vista decorative screens come in a white finish as standard. The painting service from the Garden Trellis Co is also available in 8 opaque colours so they can provide a screen to compliment the colour palette of you garden or household. No matter what you choose, the result is low maintenance, long-lasting garden trellis that adds style to your garden or interior design scheme.

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