More than Just Trellis


Gone are the days where trellis was simply a lattice of wood strips ideally designed to help plants grow and flourish; our bespoke panels are created to your specifications and are as decorative as they are practical.   Our Trellis Panels can not only be used to add interest to walls but also be used as an attractive screening option, giving you privacy in your garden or terrace.   With our bespoke service, further details- such as arches or mirror panels- can also be incorporated to create a unique feature for your outdoor area.  For smaller areas the combination of trellis and Planters can help make the most of the space available.  With a range of timbers and carefully selected paint colours and stains, we can help you create the perfect look.

HV38 trellis with mirror inserts painted OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA WP_20130903_001 Chinoserie001

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