How to transform your garden with planters and obelisks


Do you feel like garden needs a transformation ready for this summer? If you want a simple way to add interest and style to your garden or patio area, wooden planters and garden obelisks could be the answer for you.

You will be surprised at how valuable wooden planters can be to a garden area, making an instant impact. Garden planters can make an outdoor area distinctive by adding colour, height and interest. They are perfect for courtyard gardens as well as balconies, terraces or edging patio and decked areas – the possibilities with planters are vast.

We have gathered some of the teams’ favourite ideas on using planters and obelisks in gardens:

1. They create perfect structure

Using wooden planters and obelisks together can give a garden amazing symmetrical structure, which simultaneously gives a sense of grandeur, without any hassle at all. If you want to create different levels of planting, they are the ideal way to achieve this. This image shows how when used together, individually designed planters and obelisks create a stunning, well-structured courtyard with the perfect balance of different heights.

The fantastic thing about garden planters and obelisks is that not only will they jazz up an outdoor space for the summer, whilst supporting your plants; they also remain a lovely feature in the Winter, adding structure, height and a sense of opulence in the bitter winter months.

A wooden planter and obelisk combination like the one shown demonstrates how easy it is to make simple updates to your garden. Its unique design means the plants are easier to reach which makes for easy maintenance. This wooden planter with obelisk gives you exciting flexibility, it means you can create interesting planting anywhere in your garden and is particularly good for climbing plants.

2. Creating contemporary definition

Exclusively designed, bespoke wooden planters are ideal for creating highly distinctive central features. They work particularly well in a in a seating area, for example, the simple clean lines of a contemporary wooden planter provide a good contrast to classic architecture and planted areas adding great definition to a courtyard. 

3. Adding colour

Planters are a simple and stylish approach to adding colour into a garden design. These contemporary planters show how vibrant colour choices can really give a garden an individual and fun glow all year round. 

4. Creating a grand entrance with traditional planters

More traditionally, large bespoke planters demonstrate the perfect way to create a grand entrance for both country and town houses. The wooden planters direct visitors towards your entrance in an attractive and designed manner. 


5. Cohesive colour schemes 

Planters could be made to complement an existing style or to create a whole new look, and with our specialist outdoor paint system you won’t be disappointed. Our unique colour system means you can match the other items in your garden project such as fencing, trellis, gates or garden furniture to ensure a unified and cohesive style. 

6. Define a seating area

Another interesting element of planters is that when they are placed or built together, they can define and screen areas of your outdoor space.  Below is an example of a seating area being defined with planters at a London restaurant, the bespoke curved planters separate the dining area from the pavement

7. Town house inspiration

One of the especially lovely things about planters that has not been mentioned is that they allow you to grow plants no matter where you live, especially in urban areas where outdoor space can be limited.  If you have moved to the city and have had to sacrifice your garden, then planters can be the best way to bring your patio space to life. These hardwood traditional planters give an authentic look, whereas, contemporary garden planters add a more cutting edge modernity. 


8. High above delightS

Not to fear, if you have no outdoor area at all, with our bespoke window boxes you are able to give your windowsills a country makeover. 

9. Creating a natural look

Wooden planter boxes are a lovely way to create a rustic look in a garden. These ready-made wooden planters are available as squares or rectangles and come in three different sizes. This allows the flexibility of adding several to an area of your garden.

A wooden planter with a trellis-back or slat-back, like the one below, provide additional support for climbing plants and are perfect for additional screening within your garden.

10. Established entrances

Obelisks can be used to create a dynamic arrangement in a seating area or courtyard garden, and they are perfect if you want to define the entrance to your garden. Below, a pair of custom-made, wooden garden obelisks marks the entrance to a gate with rustic-yet-sophisticated definition. 

11. Creating a centrepiece

Bespoke traditional or contemporary obelisk designs, can be tailored to your exact wishes to ensure a cohesive look within your garden. A traditional obelisk featured in a circular flowerbed, demonstrates how obelisks are an idyllic way to provide a focal point and emphasis an area in your garden. 

12. Contemporary definition

A contemporary obelisk can also create great definition in a garden, giving a modern stance on traditional elegance. This defined square obelisk tower structure below has a unique feel, whilst maintaining the smart look that the more traditional styles have. 


Hopefully this has shown how planters and obelisks can help transform a garden just in time for the summers entertaining.

They really are the easiest way to achieve a fresh new look for summer 2016.

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