Brightening Up Your Garden


Planters are the best way to bring back a bit of life and vibrancy to you terrace or garden this autumn and winter.  Evergreen shrubs can look stunning any time of the year, particularly in the otherwise-bare gardens of winter, while extra colour can be added using winter perennials.  Our wooden planters, available in either Traditional or Contemporary styles can help provide insulation for the roots of plants, making them more suitable than metal and uninsulated planters during the colder months of the year.   Planters allow for movement, making them ideal to ensure your plants get as much sunlight as possible; allowing them to flourish no matter the time of year.  Whether you favour a natural timber finish or one of our carefully selected Paint Colours our planters will help brighten up your garden.

Aut-wint 09 planter P1020572 TTP 425 x 400 x 400 seasmoke

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