Bespoke Natural Iroko Slatted Fencing


This week we are looking at a recent bespoke project. Matthew Philpin, one of our Project Managers talks to us about a bespoke Iroko slatted fencing project in Central London.  


So Matthew, what did the client want?

The client had employed a garden designer. The designer contacted us to help provide a contemporary feel to the garden, whilst also providing a high level of privacy. Both the client and garden designer liked the clean crisp lines that our slatted fencing offers.


What did we do to help with this project?

I arranged to meet the garden designer on site to go through all the plans for the project. We discussed all the different options that we could offer and this helped to build a clear idea on how to meet the clients wishes and brief.

We carried out a full survey to the exterior of the property and created accurate CAD drawings to show what the design would look like once we had installed it. The designer was very pleased with the drawings that we produced and confirmed that the client was also happy for us to proceed.


So what were the most challenging aspects of this project?

There was a lot to think about when it came to installing this project. Some parts of the project meant we would be working at heights and alongside other trades on site! There was also a mature tree that we had to install our panels around and a new gate that was being installed at the same time. Our experienced fitting team had no problem overcoming these challenges and completed the installation on time with great attention to detail.


So, what bespoke products were used in the finished design?

We used a hardwood Iroko panel with 45mm slats and a 10mm gap. The panels are left natural and will over time fade to a very smart silver/grey colour. We also fitted a bespoke bin store in a matching design that not only is a very durable design but also looks very modern.


What are we most proud of in the design?

I am most pleased with the attention to detail that we have achieved. We have made sure that all the panels are joined seamlessly, giving a very pleasing straight and level line for the eye to follow. It always impresses me how much difference our slatted panels can make to a garden!


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