Bespoke Double Sided Frameless Fencing


This week we are looking at a recent bespoke project. Naomi Pulchan, one of our Project Managers talks to us about a bespoke fencing project in Norfolk.  


So Naomi, what did the client want?

The client had a plan drawn up for their garden by a designer and was looking for a company who would take on all of the joinery work and deliver high quality products. They wanted to use some of the designer’s plan but had a few ideas of their own they wished to incorporate.


What did we do to help with the success of this project?

We gave them an initial quote for one gate and then carried out a site visit. When we were at the site visit we were then given two additional areas of garden joinery to work on. We were very open to the clients’ ideas and helped them work through the changes they wanted whilst keeping an eye on their budget.


Were there any challenges we helped overcome in the project? 

Definitely, they wanted a run of double sided frameless fencing to match the cladding on their home. Frameless fencing is not something we usually do because it can increase onsite installation time significantly. However, we managed to work out the design so that we could make the panels in our workshop which kept the on-site time down.

Additionally, within the run was an oversized double-sided gate. The challenge here was keeping the depth of the gate the same as the panel run and to keep the price within budget. We ended up having a steel post fabricated to support the 66kg gate which we then clad in Cedar, this was all within the depth confines of the fencing!


So, what bespoke products were included in the finished design? 

The slatted panels were 60/8 in size (60mm slat with 8mm gap) which is not a standard size for us. The double sided gate was also highly bespoke, our craftsman who made it said it was one of a kind. The project was all created using Western Red Cedar timber which was coated with a UV protectant oil which really brings out the colour in the timber!


What are you most proud of in the design?

Figuring how to keep the customer happy with the frameless fence panel design was a proud moment.


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