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Transform your garden easily with our new wood plastic composite (WPC) diagonal and square trellis. Being made from a composite, it gives you the traditional feel of trellis with the benefit of being low maintenance. The Vista WPC trellis panels come in 3 different sizes or can be cut down to get the perfect fit without compromising on their reliability. 

Further adding to their adaptability, they are available framed or unframed. By adding a frame (as pictured below), you create another level of finesse and rigidity.

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These trellis panels are hugely versatile. As well as using them in the traditional way to support plants, you can install them to border areas creating a lovely seating area, or as a standalone decorative feature. There are also many ways to style these trellis panels, coming in diagonal or square, they can be painted in one of 10 on trend paint colours, which are guaranteed for 6 years.

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The unpainted, natural looking trellis is a great alternative to our traditional timber trellis. Guaranteed for 15 years, it can be easily cleaned and is virtually maintenance free so you can spend more time enjoying your trellis without adding to your list of garden chores!

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