Add privacy and style to your garden with our slatted panels


This month we’ve dropped our prices by 20% for our popular contemporary ready-made softwood slatted panels, so here are several reasons why we recommend choosing wooden slatted panels for your garden. 
Slatted panels are generally used to add an aspect of privacy and security to a garden but are also often used as a decorative feature due to their stylish appearance.
With our ready-made styles, and a number of paint colour choices too, there are so many possibilities with our wooden slatted panels that can enhance your current garden design. 
Wooden slatted panels work well creating a boundary, or as a screen to separate different sections of the garden. They are also perfect for framing an entrance and defining a decking or terrace area. The gaps between the slats are small enough for a private feel whilst still allowing light through.
Often, but not always, they can be positioned on top of existing walls. The panels are wonderfully diverse and can be used almost anywhere in the garden and for many different reasons, including supporting climbing plants. 
These contemporary wooden panels can be left natural or can be painted in one of our popular paint colours. 
So, if you’re looking for a contemporary style that still adds privacy and security, look no further than wooden slatted panels.
If you still haven’t seen enough inspiration, then read our case study for a recent project in Notting Hill, where we installed our Bespoke slatted panels for an urban garden that was severely overlooked. The panels gave a good level of privacy and security the client was hoping for, without having to compensate on light!

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