5 Ways to Refresh Your Garden for Entertaining


Now we have a road map out of lockdown, we can start to look forward to meeting again with our friends and family this summer. While we wait for this time, it’s a perfect excuse to get busy in the garden and give it a refresh for when you can entertain again.

If you are looking for inspiration for your next garden project, we have some ideas below that will make your garden the place to welcome all your loved ones this summer:

  1. Create an outdoor cooking area

As gathering outdoors will be allowed much sooner than indoors, why not create a space in your garden for a barbeque, fire pit or something extra special like a pizza oven!

We love this project put together by blogger ‘The Green Eyed Girl’ surrounded by some rather fabulous slatted panels!!

Consider bespoke for your ideal outdoor kitchen or cooking area >

  1. Smarten up the perimeters of your garden

Nothing gives a garden a refresh better than updating your fencing, whether it’s replacing the panels entirely or giving them a fresh coat of paint, you will feel like you have a brand new garden just by focusing on the perimeters.

Did you know we offer a painting service with all of our RHS Prestige and Ready-Made fence products? When you select your product you can ‘Add Your Finish’ and select from 10 different paints and stains.

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  1. Use privacy and slatted panels to keep drafts away from seating areas

While we are spending more time outside in cooler weather than we would usually, it’s important to make sure you are comfortable! Extend your time outdoors and stay warm by using privacy or slatted panels to reduce drafts in your seating area.

  1. Use a pergola to keep shaded in the summer

Conversely, when things start to get warmer, a pergola is also great investment to keep an area of the garden shaded and cool.

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  1. Consider matching storage for all your outdoor furniture and accessories

If you are treating yourself to new garden furniture to seat everyone safely, why not treat yourself to matching Prestige storage to store them away tidily?

Not sure where to start? You might enjoy taking the time to Plan Your Project yourself and we have put together a simple guide to help you get started.

Plan Your Project in 7 Simple Steps >

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