Summer 2016 Style Round Up


If you have been wondering what you need to ensure that your garden looks stylish and distinctive this summer, this summer style round up is just what you need.
It is undeniably the time to start getting excited about summer. Flowers are in full bloom and the sun is finally starting to shine, we’re definitely saying hello to summer. So, to get you organised and inspired for your summer garden this year, here are some of the summer garden must-haves for 2016. 
One of the most important must haves for a garden in summer is an alfresco dining area. We have put together a definitive guide with everything you need to achieve an extraordinary garden dining area for those long summer lunches, or for throwing late night dinner parties and delightful summer brunches. 

1. Simple Pergolas 

Garden pergolas are a very effective way to create shade and add structure to your garden, and are the perfect for defining a space into an outside alfresco dining area. Obviously pergolas are also great for encouraging plant growth and they look stunning with climbing roses or wisteria, but people often forget that they can also be left as striking and refined structures in their own right, forming a lovely centre point in your garden. Whether it's a contemporary pergola or a traditional pergola, both help define dining and seating areas, as shown below. 
To see other examples of The Garden Trellis Company’s bespoke garden pergolas click here.

2. Open plan seating 

Interesting seating is not seen often enough in gardens, but with The Garden Trellis Company there is no reason why you can’t have stylish seating areas inside and out.
If you already have your dining seating sorted, then maybe these bespoke seating areas for relaxing on those long summer evenings can be used to create a lounge area, for an open plan garden that works wonderfully when entertaining guests. A design idea for an ‘open plan’ garden can be seen here: 
The Garden Trellis Company’s bespoke pieces below can be used to create this look.
Bespoke seating can be painted to make it even more unique, and with a vast range of different colours your seating can really add excitement and interest to your garden. For example, the purple corner bench below has fantastic storage space adjacent to it, making it fun and useful at the same time. 

3. Stylish Fire pits 

Fire pits have always been a fantastic way to liven up your outdoor space, creating an interesting centrepiece to any seating area. However, since fire pits first became fashionable they have had a new lease of life with designers creating the most amazing modern fire pits, meaning that fire pits no longer have to look ‘rustic’ but can actually add style and sophistication to your modern outdoor area, as well as providing heat and light. 
This Foras Pure 75 Firepit bowl is made by Foras and is available from John Lewis for £3,000. It is made from rare natural sandstone and is hand finished, giving it an exquisite hammered pattern on its curved aesthetic.

4. Low level lighting 

Lighting is everything in a garden, not only does it allow you to enjoy the summer evenings for longer, but it has the potential to create the most amazing tranquil atmosphere as it illuminates your garden at night. Below are examples of the serene atmosphere that inbuilt lighting can create in your garden: 
These Bahia Outdoor LED Solar Stake lights from John Lewis would be ideal for creating this stunning look, and are only £18 for a set of two. 
To create an even more magical effect in your garden these Leafantasy Outdoor Line Lights by Think Gadgets from John Lewis are especially fashionable for 2016 with their green colour and only cost £45.
For a more structured look, these Newport Downlighters in Antiqued Brass from Jim Lawrence are very contemporary, and will give an elegant feel to any garden. 

5. Colourful trellis

A lovely way to frame and define your garden is with trellis. Bespoke painted trellis’s can be an easy way to define and improve the appearance of your garden’s borders. We are so used to uninspiring garden fencing but with The Garden Trellis Company’s bespoke trellises you can challenge the traditional English garden and incorporate bright and bold colours into your outside space.
This year dark blues and nude greys are particularly fashionable but brighter colours can create an exotic feeling, giving a touch of their warmth, and transporting you away from the classic English garden into a tropical look, perfect for brightening even the dullest of summer days.
Alternatively, you can shop our ready-made trellis, which come in seven different height options and can be pre-painted in eleven paint and stain options. They can be used to add interest to walls or on the top of solid decorative garden fence panels, like the one below. 
Hopefully, this round up of summer 2016 trends for alfresco dining has inspired you to create your perfect garden setting in 2016. If you would like to find out more about our bespoke garden joinery service then please contact us on 01255 688361.


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