Stunning Bespoke Joinery Crafted From Seasoned Oak


This week we are looking at a recent bespoke project. Martin Owen, one of our Project Managers talks to us about a bespoke project crafted from Seasoned Oak in London.


So Martin, what did the client want?

This project involved various bespoke items such as balustrades, benches, a pergola archway, a gate and some slatted panels.

What did we do to help with the success of this project?

Initially we based all the work from the clients and architects drawings. We followed this with a site visit to firm up the dimensions taking in to account further revisions from the architect; we worked with the client closely until the project was signed off ready for production.

Were there any challenges we helped overcome in the project?

The biggest challenge with this project was the timescale; the client had a very short lead time. The scheme used air dried seasoned oak which can take time to order in, and required us to apply a new protection oil to the timber. The work was also very detailed, so it took time to draw up in the office and had to be signed off by multiple parties.

So, what bespoke products were included in the finished design?

We used prime grade air dried Seasoned Oak finished in a high quality wood protection oil, which we have since used on other projects.

What are you most proud of in this design?

We’re always proud of our work, but we really love seeing bespoke elements in situ. When projects involve something that we don’t regularly produce it is always exciting to design, and I’m sure the joiners and fitters would say the same about the production! Finally we love seeing the finished images!


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