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Pinterest is a social media site that has taken the UK by storm. It’s free and easy to use and enables users to post images, create mood boards and ‘re-pin’ the work of others before sharing it all with the site’s large and diverse audience.

It’s a fantastic way to showcase your garden design portfolio, gain inspiration from other designers, attract followers and direct traffic to your own website or blog.

Showcasing your portfolio

Pinterest is both a photo sharing site and social network meaning that every image you post will be seen on your followers’ homepage and can be shared with others. If someone likes your work and ‘pins’ it to their own online board, then their followers can see it too!

The potential audience is almost endless.


Collect inspiration

As well as circulating your own images, you can also collect other user’s images as inspiration for design projects. You can keep your boards organised by categorising them into sub-headings, i.e. contemporary garden design, traditional garden design, fencing etc.

photo for pinterest blog

Visual blog

Images can be linked to your blog using the caption of your photographs. This combination of having an eye-catching photograph, and a blog directed at your target audience draws the user to the picture, and ultimately increases traffic to your site.

One Designers Story

Interior designer Heather Cleaveland bases her whole business around Pinterest. Here’s what she has to say about how it has helped her...

“Pinterest has helped me to promote my blog with great images that fit nicely into my blog concept. It gives me great ideas for my own design projects and it allows me to visually promote my own work in a very cost effective way”

Heather Cleaveland (Founder of Heather Cleaveland Design)
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Check out our Pinterest page for a vast range of mood boards to inspire you for any up-and-coming projects.


We also have high quality photographs of our own products, where you can see their quality and find inspiration for your own garden designs.

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