Our trellis panels


Our diagonal and square trellis is perfect for creating additional screening to your garden, whether that’s for privacy, plant support or used as decorative fencing. Our trellis panels come in a regular gap (40mm), an open gap (70mm) and a privacy gap (20mm). The image below shows the gap size difference between our regular, open and privacy trellis.

Privacy Trellis

If your garden has any overlooking buildings, then you may want to create some extra privacy. Our privacy trellis panels are perfect to add on top of walls to add extra height, as you can see from the image, the 20mm gaps restrict the view of what’s behind them.

Regular Trellis

Although our 40mm gap trellis will not give you as much privacy as the 20mm gap, it can still be used to block off the view into your garden and add security. You can also use the trellis as a border, set up a row of trellis along the sides of your garden, and us them as decorative fencing or to grow climbers.

Open Trellis

Our 70mm trellis is perfect for growing any plant climbers of your choice, supporting them to grow upwards and fill in the gaps creating full privacy for your garden.

Our trellis panels come in a range of sizes and can be left natural or choose from 11 paint and stain options.

Trellis can also be used to create bespoke arches and arbours, or covers for unattractive garden units, for more information on how to use trellis, give us a call on 01255 688 361.

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