Our Bespoke Joinery Service: How it works


Our bespoke joinery service is perfect if you’re looking for garden products with more character and unique designs. Bespoke garden joinery is also ideal when designing for an odd-shaped garden where fixed panel sizes may not be appropriate. Whether you’re a landscape gardener, garden designer or just simply looking to start a new project for your own garden, our bespoke service will help you achieve your desired look, here’s how it works:

Initial enquiry

You provide us with enough information to allow us to calculate a guide price in our “quick quote” (sizes can be approximate but the more information you can give the more accurate the guide price will be).
If you are not sure what you require please contact us on 01255 688361 and we will happily guide you through the options available.

Quick quote

From your initial enquiry and the details given we will provide a quick quote guide price within 3 working days.

This guide price will allow you to consider the budget for your project.  All our bespoke products are made by hand to order.

Remember, we have an alternative ready-made product range to suit lower budgets.

Site visit

Following the quick quote if you require a price for installation we will undertake a site visit to assess requirements and take detailed measurements.

If you do not require installation we will be able to provide a detailed quote from accurate measurements.

CAD Drawing

Following the site visit or detailed measurements we will provide a CAD drawing for your design.


A detailed quotation is provided accompanied by a CAD drawing to confirm correct interpretation of your requirements.

Order confirmation

Once you are ready to place your order we will ask you to return an order confirmation along with the relevant deposit payment.


We will have your products ready or installed within a 3-8 week window depending on the time of year, size and complexity of your project.

We will try to accommodate individual requests on delivery dates if possible.

Clean site guarantee

For projects installed by us we aim to minimize any disruption on site and are proud to stand by our clean site guarantee.

To discuss ideas for your next project contact us on 01255 688 361 to talk to a Project Manager.

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