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Online shopping has increased a great deal over the past few years, with more and more people choosing to sit down in comfort, buying all of their necessities with just a click. There are many advantages to shopping online, which include the simplicity of making payments, increased product choice and everything delivered to your door, meaning the dread of carrying heavy shopping bags are a thing of the past!

Here at The Garden Trellis Company, we realise this as much as anyone and have our very own online shop to accommodate your needs, providing a smart, quick and effective solution to creating a beautiful looking garden.

Why use our online shop?

We have a large range of products for you to choose from, which are available in treated softwood timber, which has a 12 year guarantee (excluding our oak bench). Our products can be kept natural, or to brighten up gardens, why not add a touch of colour, by choosing to have your products painted in one of the shades from our garden colour palette.

Just some of our products

Slatted Panels


A contemporary and stylish solution to fencing, slatted panels create a clean and unanimous feel to a garden.

Trellis Panels 


A traditional option for creating privacy or screening and a feature that is very popular in Chelsea gardens.


A beautiful place to display your plants, our planters are available in a traditional or contemporary option.

Seats and Benches


A great place to sit back and relax. Our Softwood Swing Seat is a new addition to our product range and complements both traditional and contemporary gardens.


painted picket gate

Match your fencing with a gate for a co-ordinated space or place in between an existing fixture.  

Bin Stores

painted bin store
An attractive solution to concealing unsightly objects. Our bin stores are an effective way to hide any imperfections.

Rose Arches 


A lovely place to climb plants or foliage, rose arches are best displayed in a traditional garden.    

New Products

As well as this, there are some very exciting things going on here at the GT office, with lots of new products being designed and created ready for the launch of our new website at the end of this year.

Just watch this space...

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