Four of the best plant support solutions


With an emphasis on abundant planting at the shows this year, we are turning our attention to some creative ways to encourage growth and support plants.

Do you need to add some height or focal points to your garden? Or perhaps you are interested in maximising a smaller space with vertical planting or breaking up a larger space and getting more natural patio privacy through planting.

Here we explore a few of our favourite garden structures to help inspire you for your next project and we have plenty of ready-made garden joinery products to provide the perfect supports for all your planting plans, plus no end of custom-made obelisks, trellis and arches too:

1.  Outstanding obelisks

Wooden obelisks offer great support for plants as well as providing year-round structure and interest in garden schemes. Add height to contemporary garden designs with tower obelisks and beautiful structural features with the more traditional triangular ones.

2. Romantic rose arches and arbours

For even more interest and romance in your garden, you might like to consider a romantic arch or arbour. Traditionally these are used to support climbing roses, and they can work beautifully with or without trellis detailing.

3. Classic trellis panels for privacy, perimeters and picture-perfect planting support

We specialise in trellis and it is of course a very popular choice for supporting climbing plants. Larger gaps in the trellis encourage faster growth, but narrower trellis, our contemporary slatted panels and Vista Decorative Screens can also work well. Use trellis panels and screens to extend the landscape on perimeters as well as create outside ‘rooms’ or secluded areas in the garden.

4. Perfect pergolas

Perhaps you have ambitions of growing vines and making your own wine as well as getting natural shade in your outdoor space. Take your garden architecture one step further with a pergola. Popular uses include car ports, covers for dining areas and elegant walkways.

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