Five design ideas for urban gardens


There’s no need to worry about working with a small garden, we have ideas, inspiration and tips on how to make the most of smaller gardens.

For those working in the garden design industry, small garden projects can often become the most challenging. But working with a small garden isn’t as bad as it seems, after all, good things come in small packages.


Small urban gardens are often overlooked by tall buildings creating a great deal of shade and little privacy. It’s important to think carefully about how you would use the space, utilising any sunny spots for colourful planting and creating secluded seating in the shady areas. Plants can be trained to grow up trellis and fencing, or planters can be used to add colour and design, and can also be moved around at any time to change the appearance of your garden.

Arches and Pergolas

To give urban or city gardens more privacy we recommend considering a rose arch or pergola which can be covered with climbers. The growing plants provide privacy, restricting the view into your garden from any overlooking buildings, and create a distinctive feature for the outdoor living area.

Privacy Trellis and Screening

Additional privacy and security can be created by extending the height of your fence or brick wall using classic trellis or contemporary slatted panels. The increased height can prevent any unwanted attention from neighbouring gardens, pathways or roads, as well as create a more secluded and cosy feel to the garden or patio area. Our installation guide provides helpful advice on how this can be achieved.

Alfresco dining

Alfresco dining is especially popular in late spring and summer, so now is a great time to start looking for a table and chairs ready for those warm summer evenings. For smaller gardens, we recommend purchasing a foldable table and chairs that can be put away when they’re not in use.


Adding cleverly positioned mirrors to your garden, creates an illusion that can make a small garden look twice the size! When adding mirrors to your garden, avoid positioning it opposite your house or at the end of a path. Try using a large mirror in the darker part of your garden to help increase light levels.

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