Decorative trellis design


In this case study we catch up with Project Manager Naomi on a recent project involving the design, creation and installation of decorative trellis panels to the front and rear garden of a customer’s elegant Georgian home in West London.

What were the joinery products featured in the work?

The customer already had an idea of what they wanted for the trellis panels and provided a rough sketch that helped us with the initial drawings we presented for the front and rear designs. The products featured in the project included bespoke corner arched diagonal trellis fixed to the top of brick walls, and a diagonal trellis gate for security to the front entrance of the home. The individual trellis panel in the back garden included diagonal slats with waves and circular details around the edges, these designs create an impressive focal point to the garden whilst adding privacy and security. All products were painted in Deep Moss using our specialist paint system. 

What were the challenges for the joinery work, whether design, build or installation?

As the trellis panel included decorative circular and wave details, there was a risk of the product not translating from the exact drawing to the panels created, as there is always this risk with CNC work. Luckily the panels were created following the exact drawing, so everyone involved in the project was pleased.

Overall how would you describe the outcome of the project?

The individual panel for the rear garden was very highly designed creating a stunning focal point for the garden. Along with the front trellis and gate, all products add character and security to the home. Myself, the team and the customer were all very pleased with the completed project and the visual impact it has to the exterior of the home. 

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