Create your perfect hideaway or home workspace


They may be called “summerhouses” but they can be enjoyed all year round just as much as during the summer months. Whether you want your own office in your back garden or to use it as a chill out area for your morning coffee, a garden room or summerhouse can be a great investment in your home.

A garden room or summerhouse can be the perfect place to relax in the morning with a coffee, or escape to in the evenings for a quiet drink. Making sure you have a garden summerhouse design that fits your needs is essential. For a place to chill out, we would recommend having a small and cosy summerhouse situated at the end of your garden away from the house. The addition of exterior lighting or fancy lights can help create an attractive feature for your garden, day or night.

If you often work from home but struggle to concentrate with the distractions in the house, then a garden office can be the perfect solution for home working and away from the regular household distractions. It means you’ll still be at home but in a more suitable working environment. A medium sized contemporary summerhouse will give you enough space for all computer machinery and documents and with large windows will bring in a good amount of light for when it’s needed.

If you enjoy ‘working out’ rather than working at home, then a home gym or fitness studio is a great idea to keep your monthly costs down and not have to travel to reach somewhere suitable for exercising. A large garden room or garden studio will create a spacious environment with enough room to comfortably fit in the equipment you need.

We can create any size and style summerhouse, garden room or garden office to fit your exact needs. A summerhouse can be designed specifically to compliment your house and existing garden design whether that be a classic, traditional look or a more contemporary design. And you also have the option to use painted joinery to add a more distinctive, quality finish. Specialist pre-painted finishes are available in a wide range of colours and will be prepared indoors in specialist paint facilities to endure the best possible finish.

Whatever you’d like to use your summerhouse or garden room for you can contact us today and discuss your ideas with a project manager on 01255 688 361.

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