Case Study: Privacy from Painted Trellis in Parliament Hill


We recently caught up with Naomi, one of the project design managers here at the Garden Trellis Company, to find out more about a pretty little project in Parliament Hill.

Who is the garden designer? Georgina Newall. She wanted to hide the neighbour’s unsightly walls and old trellis and also add privacy from any passers-by from the Heath.

Location: North London

How would you describe the total project? Overall, this was an entire ground floor flat and garden refurbishment. It was approximately a year from start to completion. The entire flat was gutted completely, new plaster inside, exterior brickwork repointed, new windows, new doors etc. a full refurbishment. The garden was paved, with new soil and new plants with a few existing elements kept.

How did the Garden Trellis Co support this project? We provided painted square and diagonal trellis (both with a 48mm gap) and a new privacy gate to the boundary walls. After I did the initial site visit, I made a CAD drawing and the joinery was handcrafted in our workshop. It was then all painted in our bespoke colour, Deben, and dried in our temperature controlled drying rooms. The client also chose our professional installation service.

How did you decide on the mix between diagonal and square trellis? Primarily based on aesthetics, the square trellis has a more settling effect so was used as the main trellis to give a feeling of calm.

What features of the project are particularly noteworthy and why? The fitters did a nice job cutting around the brick planter; they weren’t in place on my survey so had to be done onsite and it’s a nice discreet way of working around obstacles.

Talk us through the need for height and privacy around the side entrance: The neighbouring first floor has a balcony with existing trellis that was relatively unsightly, so we wanted the height. For the gate, there was originally ironwork as a theft deterrent, so we matched the height with the new gate and put the trellis above to tie in with the rest of the design.

What was the outcome of the project? It was a challenge due to site conditions and things not being ready in time, but overall, it has created a beautiful private corner garden for the residents to enjoy.

Parliament Hill Revisited - August 2023

August 2023 update: It's great to see how this garden has flourished over the last nine months and changed with the seasons. Designer Georgina Newall has created a stunning, private space for outdoor living and entertaining. 

Photos above and below by Mark Spencer.

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