Case Study: A Monochrome Moroccan themed courtyard


We have been lucky enough to work with garden designer Georgia Lindsay on a few of her projects and we are always blown away by the results. We sat down with Georgia to discuss her recent project in North London, where she used our ready-made fence panels, so get ready to take notes on how you can get the look yourself!

Hi Georgia, it’s lovely to chat with you! Could you start by telling us about your company?

We are a London-based forward-thinking design studio, researching innovative materials to push the boundaries of garden design. With Georgia’s theatre design background, drama and ingenuity are woven through each design, in combination with the use of subtle lighting and bold features.

Each design is sensitively tailor-made to complement the requirements of the client.  Projects often comprise of city gardens with compact outdoor rooms where careful attention to detail is vital. Thoughtful planting design is key to enhancing each garden and encouraging biodiversity

We’d love to hear about a recent project of yours in more detail, could you tell us about the brief you were initially given for your Moroccan themed courtyard?

The clients wanted to incorporate many practical elements in an intimitae place. Their specific brief was to create a car parking space, a bike store, privacy and most importantly somewhere beautiful to relax.

The clients live on the two upper floors, so it was important for the garden to be appreciated from a distance as well as close up. The hard landscaping has a bold monochrome palette off-setting the planting against the panels’ deep shades.

Was there anything about the project brief that you thought would be a challenge?

The main challenge was the space available: the back yard is awkwardly L-shaped. Accessed down wrought iron stairs, it had to accommodate a car parking space, bike store with a green roof, bin store as well as an attractive seating area. The storage area beyond the stairs also needed screening, so a lot to fit into the 40m2 space

Definitely sounds like a tight squeeze, how did you structure the garden to make it look as slick as it does?

In my design process I created three distinct zones in the garden in order to avoid a corridor effect. At one end is the car space, at the other is the bike store and positioned between these is the seating zone. It was vital this was the real focal point so the ‘rug’ effect monochrome tiles anchor the seating zone and focus the eye. The wrap around Moorish screens also emphasize the intimacy of this zone and serve to screen the car and the bins from view.

We love to see our products featured, how did the Garden Trellis Co feature in this project?

The fence panels were provided by GTC and the horizontal slats were added to the top by my landscapers.

The fence panels were standard ‘Solid Fence Panels’ pre sprayed with ‘Autumn Tide’. The bike shed is completely bespoke yet painted in the same ‘Autumn Tide’ paint. The powder coated planters were also matched to the GTC paint using Ral:7005 which is a great match.

The option of using a combination of GTC joinery pre sprayed and bespoke joinery on site and then be able to tie it all together with the same paint supplied by GTC is a great option for designers. When time and space are a consideration painting joinery and fence panels on site isn’t always an easy option, so this combination works really well.

What features of the project are particularly noteworthy and why?

Having the L shaped bench floating in this tiny garden helps to give an illusion of more space and sense of flow. The three bespoke GRP planters provide enough planting space for the lime green and plum planting palette. Vivid Lysimachia tumbles over to soften hard edges and vibrant Persicaria amplexicaulis ‘Golden Arrows’ burst to the forefront. Euphorbia wulfenii form the backdrop to the planting with bursts of colour from Salvia ‘Kisses and Wishes’.

Overall how would you describe the outcome of the project?

I think the clients would be the best to answer this question. They have said they love how this has become an extension of their living space and put it so well when they said ‘It feels like a little piece of home’.        


Thank you to Georgia for taking the time to talk about this project, to see some of her other projects featuring our products visit her Instagram – a favourite of ours was this Tree House roof terrace, you can see how much thought and talent goes into her work from these beautifully detailed initial designs.

If you want to get the look from this project you can order our ready-made fence panels for yourself! Our traditional solid fence panels offer increased security and complete privacy, they are available in 4 height options and can be ready painted by us in 10 paint and stain options.

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