Brand New Prestige Garden Obelisks


We are delighted to announce we have just launched a new fantastic range of Prestige wooden obelisks and towers, designed to add interest to any garden scheme.
Wooden obelisks are traditionally used as a structure to support climbing plants, but they also make a great stand-alone decorative feature for any garden. The intricate design of our new obelisk and two new towers makes them beautiful even without foliage, and the optional colours and choice of timber means they’re customisable to your garden design. With various size options, open frame and cross detail designs, there’s one to suit your own personal style.
Obelisks are perfect for a central focus, or to create definition within your garden making plants stand out and draw your attention to specific areas.
A bold, defining look can be achieved by positioning your obelisks in key areas, for example either side of an entrance or placed centrally in a flowerbed. A delicate appearance can be achieved by using them to line edges or borders, taking advantage of their great structural support for flowers and climbers by filling them with plants. 
With one of the main jobs of a wooden obelisk being to support the growth of climbing plants, we thought we would share with you our favourite climbing plants for your obelisk! 
1. Firstly, the ‘Queen of Climbers’ – Clematis. Clematis is a member of the buttercup family, and produces a mass of white, purple, pink or blue flowers. It is highly adaptable wherever you decide to plant it and will take well to the obelisk. It is one of the nation’s favourite climbing plants. 
2. Roses are classically romantic, instantly recognisable with their delicate yet bold shape and their enchanting scent. The ornamental flowers will thrive in almost any soil type. A vigorous grower, they require regular pruning to avoid them becoming a tangled mess. Fertilising will ensure you have really impressive flowers.
3. Wisteria, known for their twisted stems and mass of purple or white hanging flowers, are native to China, Japan and eastern parts of the USA.
4. Honeysuckle with its highly perfumed flowers, is the perfect climbing plant if you want a fast-growing low maintenance plant. This sweet, fragrant plant is a hardy, twisting climber with symmetrical white, yellow (and sometimes red) flowers. The flowers produce a sweet edible nectar during the summer months, and red berries in the Autumn. Perfect for attracting wildlife to your garden. 
5. Finally, Star Jasmine, a fast-growing evergreen climber which provides an attractive feature all year round. Its star shaped white flowers produce a wonderful sweet scent throughout the summer months.
Depending on your chosen shape and style, wooden obelisks can easily appear modern and chic, or traditional and elegant, making them a wonderful addition to any garden, whatever the style.

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