Bespoke Iroko Weave Fence Panels


This week we’re looking at a recent bespoke project. James Gee one of our Project Managers talks to us about a refresh of a extensive perimeter with Iroko weave panels, in Wimbledon.


So James, what did the client want?

The client wanted to improve part of the properties perimeter boundaries. Another company had installed some fencing 5 to 10 years ago that unfortunately, had not fared or aged very well.

What did we do to help with the success of this project?

It is the largest residential property in Wimbledon and so together with the landscaper we identified a section which really needed to be replaced. We undertook a detailed site survey to allow us to draw a design and offer a quotation for the work required.

Were there any challenges we had to overcome in this project?

The landscape was our biggest challenge, we were working in was an extremely undulating area of land and it proved difficult to get to in to some places. The job also required us to work alongside a lead site fitter to manage the changing site conditions through the winter. However, we did manage to install successfully.

What Bespoke products were included in this finished design?

We built custom bespoke Iroko weave panels. Iroko is an extremely durable hardwood timber so will be long lasting.

What are we most proud of in the design?

Once again it’s the attention to detail and selecting the correct timber sizes for the job. Plus, making another customer happy!

Bespoke Iroko Weave Panels

Bespoke Iroko Weave Panels

Bespoke Iroko Weave Panels

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