Beat the euro



With reports of a jump in the price of timber in the wake of sterling’s post-Brexit plunge, now could be a good time to push forward on imminent garden design projects.

Over the coming weeks we are holding all pricing at current levels despite increased timber prices coming in to our business already.

Yet, as the value of sterling slides, the direction of travel is clear. The lower pound increases the cost of imports, which means price inflation in everyday items such as food and energy. Prices are increasing to offset the higher cost of importing caused by the weakened pound following the Brexit vote. Many of the vital ingredients of the most common landscaping projects are imported goods. The fall-out from the Brexit vote, combined with challenging economic conditions in other parts of the Europe, is likely to lead to a downturn in European timber imports. This time of year is traditionally a quiet period for the industry too, so the danger is that when activity picks up in the new year, higher pricing could come as a bigger shock.

We are holding prices for now and can offer fantastic lead times, so perhaps now it’s a good idea to get cracking with your garden project sooner rather than later!

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