5 garden trends to consider in 2019


What will you do in your garden this year? Whether it’s doing the jobs you didn’t get around to in 2018 or a complete redesign, this time of year is the perfect time to think about what to do with your garden for the year ahead.

Urban gardening

The good news for the year ahead is that you definitely don’t need masses of space to enjoy your garden. Many urban gardens are short on space so our top tip for making the most of a small garden is to use vertical space; don’t just put plants on the ground, fix planters or trellis panels to the walls and grow your garden upwards. Hardy, evergreen plants are the best choice for this so that your urban garden looks luscious all year round. Do you live in a flat with no outdoor space? No problem! Head to any supermarket or garden centre and you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of indoor greenery.

The outdoor living space

This year you can make your garden a multi-functioning living space rather than just a patio with a couple of flower beds for show. Add some privacy trellis to make your garden an oasis of calm and invest in some stylish outdoor furniture. Seating with a table and a good BBQ will be a great addition and make good use of wooden planters to bring the colour of bedding plants right on to the dining area. Come summer 2019, your garden will be the perfect place to entertain, relax and dine. 

Smart lighting

Outdoor lighting is essential for creating ambience in your garden. David and Harry Rich, the presenters of the BBC’s Garden Rescue, suggest positioning outdoor lights up against trees in your garden to create an uplight effect. They also suggest choosing warm white lights to give your garden a cosy, welcoming feel. 

Grow-to-eat gardening

Create your own kitchen garden by planting fruit, veg and herbs this spring. An easy start is some potted herb plants - they’ll thrive in a sunny corner of your garden and taste delicious. If you only have a small outdoor space, strawberries and blueberries can be grown in hanging baskets, too, so there’s no excuse for not having a go at growing your own. 

Creating focal points

Consider updating the essential structures in your garden (such as a wooden shed, log store or fence) to make them functional and stylish. Your garden shed doesn’t need to be an eyesore - in fact, it could be an eye-catching focal point. Our range of wooden sheds and painted sheds are a great choice for both practicality and style. And we’ll even install them for you too.
So, from stylish furniture to secluded spots and from ‘grow your own’ to al fresco living make this year a refresh for your garden. 

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