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Top five Easter egg hiding spots


Easter is quickly approaching so now is the time to start thinking of the best places to hide your eggs for the family Easter egg hunt!

Inside a planter

A garden planter isn’t the most popular garden spot, unless you’re the one who does the gardening! This makes it a great place to hide an egg, choose a planter that has a slightly overgrown plant to hide the egg well.

Inside a watering can

Although the kids may use a watering can when playing in the garden, they probably won’t think to look inside an empty one when searching for that winning egg!

On top of the fence

Carefully place an egg on top of a flat-topped fence post, this may be an obvious place in clear sight, but egg hunters will be searching low and won’t think to look above.

Buried in the sandpit

If you have a sandpit in your garden for this kids, this may be a great hiding place for your eggs. Although it’s obvious, the deeper the egg is buried the longer it will take to find!

In the drain pipe

Hiding your egg at the end of the drainage pipe that comes down from the roof is a great spot, you wouldn’t usually go near the drain so this may be the last egg to find, it could keep the family searching for hours!

Happy Easter!

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