The Perfect Solution


Obelisks, Towers and Trellis Columns can be the perfect solution to adding interest and height to beds and planters.   These structures allow climbing plants to be shown off to their best advantage, without the necessity of a supporting wall.  Obelisks can provide a more traditional look, perfect for placing in a flower bed or atop a planter.  The addition of a ball finial can make it not only practical, but also a decorative feature.  Towers provide a more modern and chic look, the bold style and sharp lines make it a feature within itself, ideal for smaller outdoor spaces.   Trellis columns can be used to add another dimension to a run of Trellis Panels, creating interest, especially with the addition of Planters in larger Trellised areas.  The Obelisks, Towers and Trellis columns are available in a variety of timbers and paint colours to help compliment any outdoor space.

Towers x 4 Obelisk in circular bed Columns and planters (1)

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