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Garden Inspiration: Planters & Obelisks


Our planters and obelisks add a new dimension to gardens of any size and style. They’re perfect for adding structure or distinctive features to a garden, but our planters also look great when put on balconies and terraces. Our wide range of durable colours ensures that our planters will complement any garden, whether you’re looking for something to make a statement or just a natural piece to blend seamlessly into your garden’s existing colour palette. Starting at just £50, our planters are an easy and cost-effective way to update your garden.

City Terraces

If you’re looking for a way to make a terrace feel like a relaxing garden, look no further than our planters. Adding green to an urban space instantly makes it feel more welcoming. If you live in the city and have had to compromise on space, planters will allow you to create a green oasis in any outdoor area, no matter where you live.

Large Gardens

If you have no shortage of space but want to create a cohesive and stylish garden with distinct focal points, our planters and obelisks are a great way to add interest to any space. Obelisks are a great way of creating height in a garden and have the added benefit of supporting climbing plants – an easy way to create interesting planting.

Small Gardens

Make the most of a small garden with climbing plants, supported by our trellis-backed planters. Climbing plants will help add structure, depth and variety to your garden if you’re limited on space. They have the added benefit of increasing the privacy of a garden, ensuring it’s a truly relaxing space. 


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